28th ANNUAL SPORTS EMMY Award Winner [2007]

I’ve been a freelance designer and animator within the tri-state area since the late 1990’s. I was always fascinated with the art of movement. From sketches, flip-books, to animating clay, my desire to create life through action has continued to grow exponentially. The opportunity to further those early interests, within a field where one can lucidly portray an idea while making it visually striking, has been an absolute blessing. Today, implementing my own 3D work within my designs has enhanced my arsenal.

My endeavors have involved multiple roles of leadership such as being one of two Lead Designers and Team Director during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, for which I earned an Emmy Award for “Best Graphic Design.” Additionally, I was an Adjunct Professor at my Alma Mater, The City College of New York. Working along side other talented individuals has earned me additional collaborative awards and recognitions.

Whether working as a sole entity, collaboratively, or assembling a team of professionals for large projects, I am always eager and ready to generate high quality work that will enhance your brand.

juan@beltre.tv 917.861.8126